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Start your Passion Party business, tonight! Your time is quickly running out to take advantage of our Holiday promotion. Until November 30, you can begin your Passion Party Business for only $100 while still receiving 40% commissions on your retail sales.

You can earn your investment back within your first 2 parties, and often after your very first party. Your $100 Passion Party Business Starter Kit comes with full color brochures and enough product to hit the ground running and start hosting your very own parties, starting this weekend!

You’ve made the decision that it’s time for a change in your life, you know how much fun you can have with this company, it’s a very small investment to begin your very own professional business, you KNOW you’ll make money, now you just need to take the next step.

Call or email me immediately or fill out our Passion Parties Contact Request form and I’ll call YOU!

Keep in mind that you’ll be in business for yourself, but never by yourself. Along with a team of professional and successful consultants, I will also be here to guide you and answer all of your questions. We are all here to help you succeed, now it’s your move…

Marlene Hodgson
Team Manager
Passion Parties, Inc
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Is Being a Passion Parties Consultant Really that Much Fun?

Yes! When presenting the Passion Parties opportunity, consultants put emphasis on the fun & exciting aspects of this business because it’s so important that you absolutely love what you do when making a living. Most people who work an 8 – 5 job, when asked, will either say that they hate their job or they enjoy it. Of those few who say that they enjoy their jobs, what percentage do you think would do that job without pay?

Jack Canfield Speaks to Passion Parties Consultants

Jack Canfield Speaks to Passion Parties Consultants

Being a part of Passion Parties has changed my life, it’s changed how I feel about “work,” and has shown me that it is possible to love my “job” and to have loads of fun while doing it. If there ever was a job that I’d do for free, this is it!

I meet 40 -50 fun and outgoing people every week, I am part of a fantastic team of professional women who care about my success, I get to help make a difference in peoples lives by offering products that foster intimacy in their relationships, and I get to travel to Las Vegas every year, to meet extraordinary people like Jack Canfield!

If you want to see what you’ve already missed this year, take a look at the Passion Parties Convention Highlight Video by clicking the link below. Lucky for you, this event is held every year for all Passion Parties Consultants… Join Passion Parties, join the fun!

Simply the Best – Passion Parties Annual Convention

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